Super paper mario 4-2 secret door

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Secret Door is a Battle Sticker that is seen in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. These special type of Stickers are only used to open secret passageways in certain levels which usually leads to coins, HpUp Hearts, and Thing Stickers.Oct 03, 2011 Super Paper Mario The Secret Door 12 ttower111. Loading Unsubscribe from ttower111? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 56. Loading super paper mario 4-2 secret door

A secret door is only found outside of Outlook Point twice; in Ice Flow after Mario reveals several Hidden Blocks, and in Bowser's Snow Fort after Mario defeats or pays the two Shy Guys holding the Traveling Toad hostage.

What is the 4 digit code for the door in merlees mansion on paper Mario Miracle Dinner and Cursya(s) So for making Miracle Dinner, I cooked a Mystery Box and all of a sudd. . Super Paper Mario Easter Eggs. Paper Mario 2 References 7. 710 with 3 votes 1. The Puni's These are the creatures living in boggly woods in PM2. When in Francis' castle, go to the first room in the hallway that leads to the rooms with the big door keys. If you go into the room with the chest, you can see just above it on a shelf are allsuper paper mario 4-2 secret door Mar 31, 2016 Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Trailer Mario And Luigi Paper Jam

Feb 04, 2015 In this video I show off the Secret Door in 12. In this video I show off the Secret Door in 12. Skip navigation Super Paper Mario Secret Area Duration: 3: 48. IceStormProd 13, 878 views. super paper mario 4-2 secret door Chapter 24: The Basement FaceOff. Right off after that weird transmission, flip to 3D and drop off to get a mushroom in a? block. Go through the first door into room 1. Go in the next door to room 3. Then go in the bottom right door to room 2. Jump to the top right door into room 4. Go in the top right door to a hallway. Don't go in the door. Secret Door. I am on level 3. I fed princess Peach the spicy soup to wake her up. Merlon gave me a key to a secret door but I can't find it anywhere. Paper Mario. Wiki Guide. Table of Contents When you reach World 36 Outlook Point, you'll be able to buy the Secret Blue Door Sticker World 42 When you enter the first cave make your way After you beat all 100 of the samurai type guys you unlock 6 or 7 super rare cards. They are Mario's teammates from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Old Door.

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