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2019-12-05 18:28

Wow, I thought I won the lotto. I opened the case containing my new Colt Cobra SM2FO, 38 Special P that I had ordered online. Inside the case was the new Cobra, but to my surprise it had a wood grip with the image of a cobra and the NRA logo.This is a limited production Colt 1911 38 super pistol. It is a Lew Horton exclusive pistol in a gold pvd finish. The production was limited to about 10 guns. The magazines were finished in gold pvd al Click for more info. Seller: FIRST STATE. Area Code: 302. 2149. 99. 38 super col

38 Super pistols for sale online, including Colt 38 Super Commander pistols, Taurus 38 Super Auto pistols, and Smith and Wesson 38 super handguns. We also stock 38 Super ammunition to fit your 38 Super

The. 38 Super, also known as. 38 Superauto or. 38 Super Auto, is a pistol cartridge that fires a 0. 356inchdiameter (9. 04 mm) bullet. The Super was introduced in the late 1920s as a higher pressure loading of the. 38 ACP or. 38 Auto. 1911. 38 Super by Manufacturer: 8 Manufacturers Rock Island Armory 1911. 38 Super Colt 1911. 38 Super Dan Wesson 1911. 38 Super American Classic 1911. 38 Super Ed Brown 1911. 38 Super Para USA 1911. 38 Super Les Baer Custom 1911. 38 Super Sig Sauer 1911. 38 Super38 super col Sep 24, 2015  Shooting and Showing A new Colt 1911 chambered in. 38 Super! Please visit the Hickok45. com website and check out what the great folks who support us have to offer: BUDs GUN SHOP

The EAA Witness is one of the only. 38 Super pistols available thats not based on the Colt 1911 design. As a competition gun, . 38 Super has made the jump to double stack, and there are a few highcapacity 1911style pistols available in the caliber. 38 super col

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