Super megason console

2020-01-17 17:32

Super Megason IV Though the Super Megason IV looks like the original PlayStation, but the circular disc cover flips up to reveal a cartridge slot rather than an optical disc tray.Super Megason IV. The Polystation is not the only bootleg console that wants to look like a PlayStation. The Super Megason IV would love to be a PS One. It looks very close to a PS One, but unfortunately for the Megason, looks are not everything. super megason console

Dec 24, 2014 This is my personal Top 50 Super Nintendo (SNES) Super Famicom games of all time, all in a 60 Frames Per Second, 1080p Video Format! Must be the best version on a 16bit console 2. Only 1

Jul 26, 2007 SUPER MEGASON IV INCLUDES: Super Megason IV game console 2 joystick 1 lightgun 1 000 000 GAMES IN ONE CARTRIDGE The greatest console ever made. Name: Super MegaSon IV Real Console: Sony PlayStation Notes: Contains preloaded clones of NES games with names like Excite Bike and Javeling Throw 403 .super megason console Super Megason. Famicom clone inside a JapaneseEuropean Snes shell. That kid on the box is wearing the ugliest outfit I have ever seen. Just look at those sunglasses. He deserves to get his ass kicked just for going outside looking like that. I hereby pledge to

Aug 29, 2014 From shameless motion control knockoffs to games made by a company called Chintendo, we count 10 of the worst blatant console clones ever to empty your granddad's wallet Facebook: https: www super megason console

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