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2020-01-17 17:35

TelstraSuper's secure member portal is a quick and easy way to manage your super account and membership details online.Hostplus does not recommend, endorse or accept responsibility for this service. Hostplus does not accept liability for any loss or damage caused by the use of the QuickSuper service. Hostplus does not receive any commissions from Westpac as a result of employers using this service. hostplus super login

The more you can put into your super today, the more comfortable your retirement will be tomorrow. In general, whatever industry youre in, your employer is required to pay 9. 5 1 on top of your salary into your superannuation account.

Select from the below options to manage super payments online for your employees. QuickSuper Login; Nil advice Complete this form if you don't need to make a super payment. Login again This website is strictly for Hostplus members with the Choiceplus Option and is subject to the terms and conditions entered with Hostplus. If you're not a member in the Hostplus Choiceplus Option, you should not use this website.hostplus super login Become a Hostplus member to enjoy 24 hour online access to your super account and exclusive member benefits.

The top performing super fund! Hostplus has delivered outstanding investment returns over the short term and the long term. Our default Balanced option delivered a fantastic 12. 50 for the financial year and has outperformed competitors over 1, 3, 5, 7 and 15 years to 30 June 2018. hostplus super login Hostplus, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 15, 447 likes 11 talking about this. Hostplus is the national industry super fund for the hospitality, Hostplus# 1 performing super fund in Australia Summary The industry superannuation fund for hospitality, tourism, recreation and sport has today announced an interim return of 13. 2 per cent for Hostplus default MySuper Balanced Option after tax and after fees placing Hostplus as the number one performing fund, according to Chant West and Hostplus is the number one performing super fund in Australia, with Hostplus' default MySuper (Balanced) option delivering top returns consistently over one, three, five, seven and 15 years (SuperRatings' SR50 survey to 30 June 2018)

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